More than just a trophy store, since 1971. For top notch awards, gifts, clothing, promotional materials and more, turn to your local shop Terry Trophy & Awards in Kamloops, BC. We have products for everyone, whether you’re a corporate client needing pens and mugs for employees at a special event or just out shopping and need a new hat or jacket. We serve businesses, schools, teams, individuals and everyone in between.

Personalize your team’s jerseys or make a gift more unique with our customizable options. We offer embroidery for all types of clothing; provide professional engraving for trophies, plaques, watches, and other items; and complete screen printing with any images you have. We welcome small quantity custom printing orders as well.

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We utilize tried and true branding techniques as well as state of the art technology to make sure next project is done exactly how you want it and when you need it.

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Trophies & Awards


There is a reason why trophies are in our name. Help recognize performance and excellence with one of our many different awards.

We offer your choice of plaques, executive awards, trophies, and more for teams and individuals, you can find the perfect solution right here.

Crystal Awards

Crystal Awards are premium prizes made from ultra clear glass and personalized by laser engraving. Crystal trophies are widely regarded as the gold standard in the world of recognition awards, and are often used to recognize exceptional accomplishments, important milestones, and special people. We can custom laser anything you would like from a large assortment of crystal awards.


There is a reason why trophy is in our name. We can customize a variety of different trophies, whether you won a fishing derby, soccer tournament, or even a fantasy football league. There are endless amount of different trophies available to suit any event.


We can customize the back of any medal to acknowledge the achievements of those receiving them.

Medals are a perfect way for someone to have a physical reminder of their accomplishments, and hold onto forever.

There is a large variety of different medals to fit the occasion, the possibilities are endless!


For your engraving needs we can customize many different sizes of plaques for sports, academic achievements, and so much more.

Engraved plaques can be used on different trophies or memorials to signify certain people of their achievements.

They can also make a good gift by personalizing it with a catchphrase or  special greeting. 

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